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6 Steps to Your Best-Ever Email Campaign

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Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your customers. That said, leveraging this channel to its full potential requires understanding certain best practices. Email best practices include everything from segmenting lists to using a verified email list and personalizing messages.

Keep the following points in mind as you design an email marketing campaign. They’ll help you optimize your results.


Have a Goal

It sounds simple, but too often, marketers have vague goals when sending emails to followers. Simply deciding to “boost brand awareness” or “increase sales” isn’t enough. You want to have a concrete idea of what every campaign and individual email should achieve. By being as specific (and realistic) as possible, you’ll be more likely to design effective content.


Be Natural

The right subject lines can play a major role in your success as an email marketer. One study indicates that 35% of people decide whether to open an email based solely on the subject line.

However, it’s also important to deliver on whatever the subject line promises. Make sure the email’s content actually matches what a reader would expect when they open it. This helps you maintain follower trust and encourage audiences to engage with your brand.


Select Metrics to Track

Having goals is important when sending emails to customers. Knowing how you’ll monitor your performance is also important. Once you’ve determined what you wish to achieve with a given campaign or email, decide which metrics you’ll focus on when tracking your campaign.

For example, perhaps you want to boost sales of a given item by 25%. Tracking how many people open your emails won’t tell you whether you’ve achieved this goal. Instead, track how many readers clicked on the link to your site (this should be included in your call to action) and completed a purchase.



Readers are easily distracted on the internet. Most people don’t finish the content they start reading online. Thus, it’s important to edit your emails carefully to ensure they provide as much important information as possible as efficiently as possible.

That doesn’t mean overwhelming your followers with large blocks of text. It simply means deciding what info is most important when editing email content.


Prioritize the First Lines of Text

When a person checks their inbox, the subject line of an email isn’t the only content they see. They’ll also typically see the first few words of text.

Use these first few lines wisely. Instead of starting every email with a generic greeting, consider getting a reader’s attention by asking an interesting question or teasing what the overall content of the message will offer.


Make it Scannable

More people check email on mobile devices than on computers these days. Remember this when organizing your content.

Too much text can look overwhelming on a small screen. You’re better off making your content “scannable” by including graphics, bullet points, and headers. It’s also a good idea to keep your paragraphs relatively short.

These tips are valuable, but they’re also fairly simple. Improving your email marketing campaigns doesn’t need to be a challenge. As long as you remember these points, you’ll get much better results in the long run.

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About the Author: Rae Steinbach

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