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8 Tools Real Estate Agents must Have in 2019

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8 Tools Real Estate Agents must Have in 2019
Here we are, more than halfway through the year! Last year we talked about the “
7 tools real estate agents must have in 2018”. I decided to revise it and let you guys know what is working for agents now, and what tools real estate agents must have in 2019. Let’s jump right in!


Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Manager (better known as CRM). this is still on the list, and probably will be forever! Why? Because this is your database of clients! Most larger brokers will provide some sort of CRM for you. But if you are part of one that doesn’t give you access to any, you should change that.

Not only do they hold your contacts, many of them will allow you to have a lead generator, lead nurture, integrations for your site.

There are few out there I would look into, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Act to name just 3.

(If you are interested, we are partners with Infusionsoft have created tons of premade content for you CRM such as automated emails, auto follow up, referral generators and more.)

Click here to get a demo on Infusionsoft!


Appointment Scheduler

Are you using an online calendar? if you answered yes, then you need to look into these next two tools!

Appointment Core is an online appointment scheduler that will schedule for you and works great with CRM’s (especially Infusionsoft). Set up and sync the calendar with your existing calendar and create times that you are available, and when you are busy.

Imagine getting appointments automatically, easily, while you can focus on other things.

We are partners with them as well and can get you a month free if you click here

The other scheduler is called Calendly, it is similar to the latter, it just doesn’t do as much on the automation side. The bright side is that it is free!


Lead Nurture.

CRM’s can become pricey, if you are not ready to take that step, I suggest getting some sort of lead nurture software. Some cheaper ones are MailChimp (they may have a free version) and Constant Contact.

These tools will help you reach out to your clients when you are unable to, automatically. Whether its an email because they scheduled with you, or maybe it’s following up with someone 6 months after they bought a home and asking for a referral.


Pexels Stock Images

Need some stock images for your blogs? Or maybe for your emails or website? This site will be able to provide you with all kinds of free, high-quality stock images. Fun fact, almost all of the images we use for all of our projects and blogs come from that site!. Go check it out. You don’t have to sign up either. Free images!


IDX Web Builder

If you are in Real Estate and you don’t have a website, you are missing out my friend. Many brokers will supply a website for you. But if you do not have one, you should look into Placester.

Placester is an IDX platform, which allows you to use the MLS on your site. Perfect for your visitors looking for homes. Not only does it have MLS integrations, they are also built on the world famous WordPress site builder. Which means you are getting the best builder on the market, with MLS integrated for you. Winning!


Lead Gen

Lead generation is the thing real estate agents look for the most. How to get more leads. What tools can get me more buyers/sellers? Well, there are a few ways that pretty effective. Most ways will cost you money, but the ROI can be well worth it.

First off we have Ads. facebook ads, Zillow ads, youtube ads. You can run ads almost on any social media site nowadays, and they can bring in lots and lots of new leads for you. The tough part wil setting the ads up yourself and getting the right audience (sounds easier than done)

(If you are looking for facebook ads, we may be able to help)

If you are looking for a serious lead gen CRM, I would look into Hubspot!


Graphic Designer

If you are are into writing blogs, or creating content or graphics for your clients or leads, Canva is the tool you need in your life. (We love it) This is a free tool that you can use to create different graphics. Whether you’re looking for online content to be made, powerpoints, PDF’s, posters, or even business cards to print out!

You can also upgrade to a paid version for even more graphical content to use. So, check out Canva and pin it to your favorites bar!


 Transaction Management

If you are looking for a great transaction management tool, id check out Dotloop. skip the paperwork that’s involved in real estate. Dotloop lets you do most of the paperwork online, allowing you to be more prepared, less cluttered, and on track.

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