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Getting More Leads in Real Estate

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Getting More Leads in Real Estate

Getting more leads in real estate can be pretty difficult! especially if you don’t have the right tools and or experience.

Most real estate agents get leads from referrals. actually, did you know that 75% of agents leads are from referrals? crazy right! referrals play a huge role, and the better you are in lead generation the more referrals you get. they go hand in hand!


Knocking doors isn’t the most fun thing, especially if you are in places very humid and or hot! but it can be worth it! If you are hosting an open house in an area, it can be a good idea to knock a few streets around the open house and hand out some flyers. don’t be pushy, just offer them a chance to view the home and invite them to enjoy some of the refreshments with the rest of the neighborhood. can’t say no to free food with friends/ neighbors right?


Cold calling is everyone’s worst nightmare. but it is one of the oldest and best ways to get leads. so don’t throw this idea out the window just yet! If you have some free time in the mornings, maybe start dialing away! even some of the most experienced and successful agents set a time every day to call a few dozen people every morning. not only does it put you in front of these people, they may refer someone else to you.

If this becomes a good habit, I would also invest in an auto dialer. save you even more time, and get even more people called. auto-dialers are also good for people who are anxious while calling because you can’t let your mind wander before calls because it’s calling for you.


Facebook can be a huge help! if you are willing to drop some money down for your leads, you can yield a nice return on your investment! think about it, if you spend $500 a month on Facebook ads, and you get 2 solid leads from it… that seems like a huge investment to me! Facebook ads can be tricky to get right, but if you find someone who can run them for you, you can be in a really good spot, and way ahead of the game!



If you decide to go the Facebook ads route, or if you are already getting leads online, you need an automation software! Invest in a software that follows up for you as soon as they come in.

Most agents are absolutely great at building and keeping relationships with their clients and can start a conversation with anybody naturally…but may not be the greatest at following up and staying in front of their leads.