In the modern world, you can receive parcels from any place on Earth without leaving your home. Each carrier is obliged to deliver the parcel on time and inform the recipient of the current destination. But there is a problem associated with the delivery of the parcel due to the large number of delivery services. The recipient needs to control all the parcels, who sent it, which carrier or courier will deliver the parcel. Now you do not need to remember everything, you need to visit the TrackTrace.Delivery and we will do everything for you. We support the most of the popular carriers and couriers from all over the world. You can always find out about the delivery status of your parcels in one click. Now you can start. Do you have a package you want to track? If so yes, let's start. Enter your tracking number in the input fileld above and click TRACK & TRACE.

Parcel definition is - a tract or plot of land. How to use parcel in a sentence. Parcel definition is - a tract or plot of land. How to use parcel in a sentence.

How does the international postal service work?

Postal communications between countries are now reaching a new level with the development of e-commerce. The direction of goods from China is increasing every year. The optimization of delivery processes is being improved, new delivery technologies are being introduced, and in the near future drones will deliver parcels to the door. The future is almost here.

International postal operators work closely with each other. Countries exchange parcels and parcels move from one country to another. Almost all postal operators are united in the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which includes more than 190 countries. The main function of the union is to standardize the processes of mailing and exchange of correspondence.

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The main function of the postal service is the successful delivery of mail on time. Postal services offer different types of delivery, from cheap and slow to expensive and fast. Users find it difficult to choose the best shipping option from the huge selection of delivery types.

How does the postal service work if the user wants to send a parcel to another country. First, you need to choose the type of parcel. Each postal operator has several types of products. For example, USPS has a choice of Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, Media Mail and others. Each type of shipment has restrictions on weight, speed of delivery and a different price, it is clear that the faster the more expensive.

After choosing a product, the parcel is accepted by the postal operator and is assigned a unique parcel number or tracking number. This is how the journey of mail begins from the sender to the recipient.

Stages of movement of an international parcel

  • Registration of the parcel in the origin country (parcel identification by tracking number);
  • Transfer parcel data to the information exchange center in the UPU with further updating of information about the movement of the parcel;
  • The beginning of the movement of the parcel, the formation of the route of the parcel;
  • Transit of parcels from parcel sorting and storage centers;
  • Customs clearance of parcels for export;
  • Exporting a parcel from the origin country;
  • Parcel transporter;
  • Import and acceptance of the parcel by the postal operator of the destination country;
  • Customs clearance of the parcel;
  • Moving the parcel for final delivery to the recipient at the sorting center;
  • Storage of the parcel at the local post office;
  • Receiving the parcel by the recipient.

Problems with the movement of the parcel from origin to destination country

  • The package is damaged during transportation;
  • The package is lost;
  • The package may be rejected by customs due to prohibited contents in the package;
  • Additional customs fee not paid for the parcel;
  • Invalid recipient address;
  • The post office is closed due to quarantine (covid-19);
  • The recipient refused the parcel;
  • Force majeure or natural disaster.

International Express Mail Service (EMS)

EMS is a international express delivery service of postal correspondence. Delivery is carried out by local postal operators are members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Delivery is carried out in a shorter time, but at a higher rate than an usual delivery. Delivery times are accelerated through the use of air freight. EMS services are provided by postal operators from 153 countries. Every year, independent auditors check the quality of EMS work in each country and rank the quality of the express services provided.

Tracking number format for international parcels

A tracking number standard (S10) has been developed for all UPU members. According to this standard, the tracking number consists of 13 characters.

  • 2 letters - Type of parcel;
  • 8 digits - Parcel number;
  • 1 digit - Check digit for checking the parcel number;
  • 2 letters - Sender country code.

For example: EV949691005CN, where EV - EMS Parcel, 94969100 - Parcel number, 5 - Check number, CN - Origin country code (China)

Frequently asked questions about international parcels (FAQ)

I am waiting for a parcel from abroad. What is the postal operator delivers it to me?

The package will be delivered by the local postal operator. For example, you are waiting for a package from China, you live in the United States. The package was sent by China Post and delivered by USPS.

How long does the package take from China?

The delivery time of the parcel depends on several reasons. Delivery type, for example, if you have express delivery, the delivery time will be less than normal delivery. The second reason is the distance between countries and established transport lines. As an example, we give the average delivery time from China to other countries:

  • United States of America ~24 Days;
  • Canada ~28 Days;
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ~19 Days;
  • Australia ~31 Days;
    Switzerland ~24 Days;
  • New Zealand ~28 Days.

More average delivery time from China Post

Why is the status of the package 'delivered', but I have not received the package?

  • Check with the carrier when and where the package was delivered and by whom it was accepted;
  • If you have a video camera installed, watch the video recording to understand what happened to the package;
  • Ask your neighbors if someone took the package for you;
  • The parcel is waiting for you at the post office and you will have to pick it up yourself.

The package has been delivered to the post office and is ready for pickup, how long do I have to pick it up?

If the recipient did not order delivery to the door, a parcel must be picked up at the post office. Warehouses of post offices cannot store mail for a long time, if the parcel is not picked up, then it will be returned to the sender. The storage time depends on the postal service and the fullness of the warehouse. If you can't pick up the parcel right away, ask the postal service for the terms of free storage or order home delivery to your door. Some carriers may charge additional storage fees. Be careful and try not to waste your money.

Can I change the delivery address for the parcel?


If you are the sender and realized that you made a mistake in the recipient's address, then you have the opportunity to change the address if the parcel is in the sender's country. It should be noted that address replacement is not supported by many carriers, it is possible that some postal services will charge additional fees for this.

If you are the recipient and your package has already been imported and delivered to the post office, you can change the delivery address. Contact the post service and forward mail to new address. For some carriers, changing the address is chargeable, check this before changing the address. USPS has Change-of-Address product for all types of parcels.

China Post



Hongkong Post

Pochta Russia

Correios (Brazil Post)

Royal Mail

Deutsche Post

Japan Post

Poste Italiane

Canada Post

La Poste


Poşta Română (Romania Post)


PostNord Sweden

Poczta Polska (Poland Post)

India Post

Australia Post

Israel Post

Correos De Mexico


PTT (Turkish Post)

Parcel Pending

PostNord Denmark

CTT Correios de Portugal

Thailand Post

Chunghwa Post (Taiwan Post)

Korea Post

Latvijas Pasts (Latvia Post)

Posten Norge

Singapore Post

ELTA Hellenic Post (Greece Post)

Emirates Post Group


Magyar Posta (Hungary Post)

Pos Malaysia

Lietuvos Paštas

Česká Pošta (Czech Post)

Omniva (Eesti Post)

An Post (Irish Post)

Pošta Slovenije (Slovenia Post)

Kazpost (Kazakhstan Post)

Parcel locker

Österreichische Post

PHLPost (Philippine Postal Corporation)

Slovenská Pošta (Slovak Post)

Saudi Post


VnPost (Vietnam Post)


Correos de Chile

New Zealand Post

Malta Post

Bulgarian Post

Swiss Post

LP Express (Lietuvos paštas)

South African Post Office

POST Luxembourg

Cyprus Post

Poste Maroc (Morocco Post)

Pošta Srbije (Post Serbia)

Pos Indonesia (Indonesia Post)

Hrvatska Pošta (Croatian Post)

Posta Moldovei (Moldova Post)

Correo Argentino

Uzbеkiston Pochtasi (Uzbekistan Post)

Pakistan Post

Azərpoçt (Azerbaijan Post)

Qatar Post

Georgian Post

Kyrgyz Express Post (KEP)

Pósturinn (Iceland Post)

BH Pošte (Bosnia and Herzegovina Post)

Kuwait Post

Posta Shqiptare (Albania Post)

Postal Corporation of Kenya (Kenya Post)

Nigerian Post

Liban Post

4-72 (Colombia Post)

Afghan Post

North Macedonia Post

Pošta Crne Gore (Montenegro Post)

Ethiopia Post

Correo Uruguayo (Uruguay Post)

Jordan Post Company

Enterprise des Poste Lao (Laos Post)

Tunisian Post

New Caledonia Post

Jersey Post

Botswana Post

Correos del Ecuador EP (Ecuador Post)

La Poste de Monaco (Monaco Post)

Liechtensteinische Post

Egypt Post

Bangladesh Post Office

HayPost (Armenia Post)


Accurate, detailed maps are a critical part of the assessment function. Maps provide a visual inventory of all real property within a jurisdiction, and when overlaid with aerial photographs, contour lines, utilities, and other features, they become invaluable tools in a multitude of governmental and commercial applications.

Because agencies in addition to the Assessor saw the potential value in this emerging technology, a consortium comprised of Lenoir City Utilities Board, Loudon Utilities Board, Loudon County Economic Development Agency, Loudon County E-911, and Loudon County Property Assessor, formed a Loudon County GIS Board in 1998 to be governed by a multi-party Interlocal Agreement.

As one of the region's early adopters of GIS technology, Loudon County GIS helped lay the groundwork for a decade of economic progress in Loudon County. Today's GIS technology is powered by a digital geo-database, featuring color orthophotography at scales of up to 1:100 and powerful Mapviewer software that allows virtually instantaneous display of complex data whether in the office or in the field.

Customizable maps are available to the general public by visiting, calling, or e-mailing Jim Brewster. Minimal fees are charged for our digital and printed products to help cover the cost of the program.

Please call Jim Brewster at 458-2059 for more information or to place an order.


Parcel Plot

Letter size, tabloid size (11' x 17'), or ANSI D-size (24' x 36') map of a specific parcel showing planimetric, property, addressing, and topographic information. Scale is determined by parcel size and choice of map size and will be denoted on map.

  • Letter or tabloid -- $12 per map; additional copies $8 ea.
  • with aerial photo -- $20 / map
  • D-size color map-- $25.00 / map
  • D-size b&w photocopy -- $10 ea.

Standard Map

Loudon County standard grid map consisting of planimetric, topographic, addressing, and property information plotted in ANSI D-size.

  • Standard grid map -- $65.00 / sheet
  • Additional copies -- $30 ea.
  • Aerial only -- $30 / sheet
  • Single parcel aerial from MapViewer (8.5' x 11') -- $20


Parcel Viewer

Digital Planimetric Data

A single digital file of a Loudon County standard grid map sheet with planimetric features in ESRI (ArcView) Shapefile format. Planimetric data is licensed per map sheet.

  • Digital map sheet -- $200 ea.

Digital Topographic Data

A single digital file of a Loudon County standard grid map sheet with topographic features in ESRI Shapefile format. Data is licensed per map sheet.

Universal Tracking Number Lookup

  • Digital map sheet -- $200 ea.

Countywide Coverage

A single digital file of Loudon County streets, road centerlines, road names, and municipal boundaries in ESRI Shapefile format. Data may be used to create maps and other hard copy products for sale. Per license agreement, data may not be transferred or sold in digital format to other users.

  • Digital map sheet -- $750 ea.


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