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The Best Way to Get Real Estate Leads in 2019

The Best Way to Get Real Estate Leads in 2019Facebook

One of the greatest questions that most real estate agents ask themselves is “How do I get more leads?”. Today I am going to share with you the best way to get more real estate leads in 2019.

Most agents get their leads from referrals or from word of mouth. For those of you who are wanting to grow you business and get more clients, there is a better way. That is through lead generation. Many agents will go through Zillow Leads… let me tell you… you will be paying a lot of money with Zillow Leads, on a highly saturated platform. (Unless spending a lot of money isn’t an issue for you) I have a better solution for you to get real estate leads. Facebook Ads…

Now before you exit out and say “I’ve tried Facebook ads and it didn’t work.”… hear me out.

There are 2.7 billion people on facebook. and i bet 99% of the people in your city have an account. Facebook is so smart you can target your ads to view in front of only people who are home owners who make 100,000, and have kids… it’s almost scary how much Facebook knows about people. But it can be an awesome tool to use to get new leads.

Hiring someone who knows exactly what they’re doing can be the biggest asset to your real estate business. If you don’t want to hire somebody, you can find plenty of courses that you can purchase that will teach you how to set up your ad to the the audience you want. But if you don’t want to to do that and put in the work, we can create and run ads for you and get you results within the first week.

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If you are interested in choosing an area and running effective facebook ads to generate more real estate leads… Click here