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Verizon Wireless Network Extender Troubleshooting

Hi Bob-
I have a Verizon iphone 5. If I understand your article correctly, My phone will work with Straight Talk if I buy an AT&T sim card and use its serial number in place of the MEID when signing up online for service. I have two questions. 1) I live in an extremely remote area, and my phone get no signal alone. I therefore use the Verizion network extender that operates via WiFi. My wife has a Verizon iphone 4s that is on ST, and it still works fine with the network extender. My question is, once I have installed the AT&T sim, will my phone still be operating on CDMA and compatible with the network extender, or will it be a GSM phone, and an expensive paperweight? And second, I would like to keep my same number that I’ve had for over 10 years.Will that be an issue? Please help and Thank You in advance!


Hi Thom,
At the time I wrote this article you could only use a Verizon iPhone 5 with Straight Talk’s ATT network. Now you can use it with Straight Talk’s Verizon network, if the phone is eligible. See Straight Talk Wireless Now Supports Verizon’s 4G LTE Network!.


Verizon Wireless Network Extender Setup

NETGEAR Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender: Broaden your network connection with a range extender that gives you extra Wi-Fi coverage in your home. Smart LED indicators will direct you to the optimal location to plug the extender into the wall, so you can easily enjoy improved range and speed on.

So if the Verizon network is the better choice for you, check to see if your phone is eligible and if it is sign up for the Straight Talk verizon network.

  • Up to +100 dB Gain Easily the strongest Verizon network extender intended for use in commercial buildings. The Cel-Fi Quatra is around 1000x more powerful than the competition. It can provide gains up to +100 dB, compared to the next leading booster's gains of +70 dB.
  • I have 2 FIOS network extenders. One of them constantly drops WIFI and simply will not be consistently keeping wifi. Both are connected via coaxial cable, yet one simply consistently fails. There are intermittment preiods where it will work for weeks then days when it will not work at all.

You are the first person to tell me that the Verizon network extender also works for Straight Talk phones using the Verizon network. If that is the case, it should work for your Verizon iPhone 5 on the Straight Talk’s verizon network. I don’t see how it would work for any phone using the ATT network.

Yes you can transfer your number from Verizon to Straight Talk. You’ll need to know your Verizon account number and PIN code. The PIN code is not the PIN on your phone, but a number you set up with Verizon to keep someone from transferring your number without authorization. I occasionally do hear horror stories about people losing there number in the process of transferring, but then most people don’t come to the site to let me know when things worked smoothly.

Verizon wcb3000n

Oh, and when you call Verizon to ask them your PIN and mention you are leaving Verizon, they may offer you a healthy incentive to stay. If you have completed your Verizon contract and plan to keep using the iPhone 5 you can ask them is that the best rate you can give me given the fact that I am not taking a contract / getting new phone.

The deal might not be as good as Straight Talk’s 3GB of data for $45 a month but you can at least see what they offer.


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