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What Buyers are Looking for in Today’s Real Estate Market

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What Buyers are Looking for in Today's Real Estate Market

As you know, most people have their own idea of what they like and dislike. But with certain things and in many situations we are able to see what the majority of people want thanks to statistics. In this case, we are going to be talking about home buyers and what they are looking for in today’s real estate market.


Statistically speaking, what do most home buyers have in common when it comes to wants and needs? Let’s go through these statistics, and who knows, maybe you’ll fall into one of these categories as well!


The Statistics

So according to statistics from the California Association of Realtors ®; 93% of home buyers want at least 2 bathrooms and 44% want a 3 bedroom home. (this is ranging through all ages) a garage and up to date kitchen is another want among all ages, but between millennials and the older generation, things may vary!



6% want a ranch style home. 10% want a colonial style home. 10% want a contemporary style home. 14% want stability and 17% want a home that fulfills family needs.


Ages 55+

28% want a ranch style home. 12% want a contemporary style home. 20% are looking for privacy in their home. 19% want physical comfort and 15% want stability.

It seems to vary quite drastically the differences between the younger generation and the new.

But one thing we can see matches up pretty closely is that the majority wants at least a 3 bed 2 bath kind of home.


If you were to add yourself into any of these categories, which ones would you pick?